What happens when you try to cook at minus 70 degrees Celsius

Have you ever before questioned what occurs when you prepare in Antarctica, at temperature levels listed below 70 levels Celsius? The outcome is much more enjoyable than you believe.

Biologist Cyprien Verseux operates in one of the most separated clinical base worldwide – Concordia Station in Antarctica. Astronauts on the International Space Station, which are 400 kilometers far from Earth, are better to human being than Verseux. He wished to reveal the globe what life resembles in among one of the most separated as well as cold position on Earth.

“9 months a year, in winter season, you can not leave or obtain there,” clarified Cyprien to Bored Panda. Presently we are 13 individuals: specialists, researchers, a chef and also a physician.

The absence of oxygen and also the vacant landscape make researchers really feel like they are living on one more earth. “It is the chilliest location on Earth, with temperature levels listed below 80 levels Celsius,” Cyprien claimed.

The job of the scientists there, nevertheless, is really vital, mattering for numerous areas of rate of interest: astronomy, human physiology (the problems in Antarctica are a type of simulation of what life would certainly appear like on a selenium or Martian basis), climatic scientific researches and also geophysics.

Greater than enjoyable, Cyprien headed out as well as attempted to prepare numerous meals – and also photographed the entire experiment. The resulting images levitate and also reveal you exactly how cool it remains in Antarctica without needing to take a trip to the South Pole.

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